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"Look South": An analysis of trends in global political, social and cultural life and its relevance to South Africa published on Polity and also in the Engineering News.

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bullet Some lessons from Fearless Felix [read Read Online] 26 October 2012
bullet Social media – friend or foe? [read Read Online] 10 October 2012
bullet Putting the Presidential pickle in perspective [read Read Online] 8 June 2012
bullet The serious business of tree hugging [read Read Online] 19 March 2012
bullet Christmas is the time for taking [read Read Online] 16 December 2011
bullet Does size matter?[read Read Online] 28 October 2011
bullet Who is fit to lead the moral regeneration of a broken society?[read Read Online] 26 August 2011
bullet Living the loopy Gautrain dream [read Read Online] 15 July 2011
bullet Place or national identity and affinity for strangers [read Read Online] 6 May 2011
bullet Proper analysis of the Libyan conflict needed Read Online] 25 March 2011
bullet Lessons for combating stress [read Read Online] 28 January 2011
bullet It’s a rip-off – get me out of here [read Read Online] 10 December 2010
bullet Is cyber terrorism the new swine flu? [read Read Online] 29 October 2010
bullet Is South Africa just one big vuvuzela?[read Read Online] 20 Augts 2010
bullet South Africa 2010: Field of dreams? [read Read Online] 2 July 2010
bullet The curious case of voting for no one [read Read Online] 21 May 2010
bullet Crying wolf and legalised theft [read Read Online] 23 April 2010
bullet Is bling the new opium of the people? [read Read Online] 26 March 2010
bullet With great power comes great obfuscation [read Read Online] 26 February 2010
bullet The big freeze and the politics of avoidance [read Read Online] 15 January 2010
bullet Bloodsucking is all the rage [read Read Online] 13 November 2009
bullet Cheating is now prevalent in many spheres of life [read Read Online] 9 October 2009
bullet Give the gift of dignity, column inches [read Read Online] 11 September 2009
bullet Use opportunity offered by rubbish [read Read Online] 21 August 2009
bullet Belfast and Johannesburg: peas in a racist pod? [read Read Online] 10 July 2009
bullet Where were you when the UK government imploded? [read Read Online] 12 June 2009
JZ cometh - am I bothered? [read Read Online] 9 May 2009
Is man-made climate change just hot air? [read Read Online] 10 April 2009
Is the credit crunch the new Black Death? [read Read Online] 13 March 2009
Shoe today, bomb tomorrow [read Read Online] 12 February 2009
What I learnt in 2008? [read Read Online] 15 January 2009
Does it matter that Obama is black [read Read Online] 14 November 2008
Why I prefer pizza to bankers [read Read Online] 31 October 2008
All South Africa needs some loving [read Read Online] 17 October 2008
A war on terror or a war on reason [read Read Online] 3 October 2008
The ghost of Jeffrey Benzien lives [read Read Online] 5 September 2008
bullet Let’s face it, holidays are strange [read Read Online] 22 August 2008
Zimbabwe - not a crisis, but a little mix-up [read Read Online] 18 July 2008
Viva the orange revolution [read Read Online] 20 June 2008
A little less conversation, more unity, please [read Read Online] 6 June 2008
bullet Beware: SOHF is spreading [read Read Online] 10 May 2008
Learning from a trip down memory lane [read Read Online] 25 April 2008
Where is the light at the end of the tunnel   [read Read Online] 11 April 2008
Environmentalism, war and diet coke [read Read Online] 28 May 2008
bullet Hotels, life and everything else [read Read Online] 14 March 2008
bullet Save the world, buy nappies [read Read Online] 22 February 2008
Truth a stranger, fiction the norm [read Read Online] 1 Ferbaury 2008
Tips for riding a Zumanami   [read Read Online] 18 January 2008
Are all excuses poppycock?   [read Read Online] 7 December 2007
bullet The truth commission lost in translation [read Read Online] 7 November 2007
Do we just not like inconvenient truths? [read Read Online] 26 October 2007
The bluetongue blues [read Read Online] 12 October 2007
Prejudiced and proud of it [read Read Online] 21 September 2007
How to talk about books you haven't read [read Read Online] 31 August 2007
The art of outsourcing frustration [read Read Online] 17 August 2007
The woes of 'affluenza' [read Read Online] 03 August 2007
Why squirrels are as dangerous as TV [read Read Online] 13 July 2007
Time flies in a coma [read Read Online] 15 June 2007
The war and peace legacy [ Read Online] 1 June 2007
Will more billionaires help the poor [ Read Online] 18 May 2007
Is there a point to the web? [ Read Online] 4 May 2007
Apology over the slave trade two centuries overdue [ Read Online] 13 April 2007
Don't worry, Zimbabwe is just a hiccup [ Read Online] 30 March 2007
Bigots, building bridges and multiculturalism [ Read Online] 23 February 2007
Are we all torturers inside? [ Read Online] 07 February 2007
Dinners, starving babies and fat cats [ Read Online] 26 January 2007
Ba Humbug to Christmas cynics [ Read Online] 15 December 2006
Stern warning about environmental disaster [ Read Online] 06 December 2006
Airport security: enough to turn one to drink [ Read Online] 03 November 2006
Where are the men in the battle for equality? [ Read Online] 20 October 2006
Sport and politics uncomfortable bedfellows [ Read Online] 10 October 2006
The times they are not a-changin’ [ Read Online] 15 September 2006
Exporting hope or foolish dreams? [ Read Online] 01 September 2006
Get rich or die trying [ Read Online] 18 August 2006
How to perform the perfect headbutt [ Read Online] 28 July 2006
Desperately seeking Bill Gates, South African-style [ Read Online] 14 July 2006
Always take the weather with you [ Read Online] 23 June 2006
Buying the football dream [ Read Online] 9 June 2006
The meaning of money [ Read Online] 26 May 2006
And now for the good news... [ Read Online] 12 May 2006
Are you calling me chicken? [ Read Online] 28 April 2006
You are either for him or against him [ Read Online] 14 April 2006
What’s in a name? [ Read Online] 31 March 2006
Exporting reconciliation or reality TV [ Read Online] 17 March 2006
How to be a politically-correct slacker [ Read Online] 03 March 2006
Is South Africa becoming boring? [ Read Online] 17 February 2006
Reasons to be cheerful [ Read Online] 03 February 2006
The unequal cost of lying [ Read Online] 20 January 2006
Does the past have its price? [ Read Online] 09 December 2005
Fancy borrowing a homeless person?[ Read Online] 14 October 2005
The perils of a political vacuum [ Read Online] 30 September 2005
Is it coz i iz black? [ Read Online] 16 September 2005
Private healthcare still hurts [ Read Online] 2 September 2005
Fat is an African issue [ Read Online] 12 August 2005
London bombings are not a movie sequel [ Read Online] 29 July 2005
Let's stop moralising about corruption in Africa [ Read Online] 07 July 2005
In my day, young people had respect [ Read Online] 24 June 2005
Warning - this article may contain nuts [ Read Online] 10 June 2005
Phoney Tony gets his knuckles rapped [ Read Online] 27 May 2005
Do drug companies and the media make us sick? [ Read Online] 13 May 2005
Sick of politics? Then read this...[ Read Online] 22 April 2005
Simple lesson from 9/11 and reprisals [ Read Online] 8 April 2005
Charity presents one-dimensional view of Africa [ Read Online] 25 March 2005
British society should modernise some traditions [ Read Online] 11 March 2005
You can kill burglars...can't you? [ Read Online]
25 February 2005
Mbeki stirs the ghost of Churchill [ Read Online]
28 January 2005
Instilling fear into scaremongers [ Read Online]
21 January 2005
Dr Brown, I presume? [ Read Online]
14 January 2005
Tsunami begs spending rethink [ Read Online]
07 January 2005
All I want for Christmas is…spam [ Read Online]
10 December 2004
Mugabe bowls the world for a duck [ Read Online] 
03 December 2004
Time to stop permissible lies about the past [ Read Online]
26 November 2004
Forget the war on terror, it's morals that count….[ Read Online] 
19 November 2004

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