Screening Violence: A Transnational Study of Post-Conflict Imaginaries

"Screening Violence" is a 4 year research project that started in April 2018 sponsored by the AHRC based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, St. Andrews and Ulster University. It works with partners in Algeria, Argentina, Colombia, Northern Ireland and Indonesia. It aims to understand how social imaginaries shape conflicts and transitions to peace by engaging communities that have experienced violence through cinema

Historical Urbanism


Historical Urbanism is an AHRC-funded interdisciplinary research project that aims to understand how urban design influenced by historical and heritage data can be used to address issues such as ethnic/religious/class segregation in cities, as well as contributing to environmental sustainability and better public health

Masculinities in Conflict and Transition


The issue of masculinities in conflict is a topic I have been working on for some years now. My work now explores the changing nature of masculinities in conflict, its relationship to transitional justice and how the Women, Peace and Security Agenda addresses issues of masculinity (or not).  I have published numerous articles on masculinities. To explore all my posts on this ongoing project

Cartographies of Conflict: Belfast, 1969-1994

"Cartographies of Conflict: Belfast, 1969-1994", funded by the AHRC from May 2015 for 3 years, assesses the impact that the Troubles on the architecture of Belfastís communities. The project looks beyond the visible such as 'peace walls' to divisive architecture in housing, roads, landscaping and other structures completed during the Troubles that continue to divide communities

Advocacy Services in Northern Ireland


The Commission for Victims and Survivors has been appointed to manage a major research programme whereby three PEACE IV funded research projects will be carried out . Currently, Dr Maire Braniff, Dr Catherine O'Rourke and Professor Brandon Hamber from Ulster University are undertaking one of these research programmes focusing on Advocacy Services. The results will be published in late 2021. To view the final report

Dealing with the Past in Northern Ireland


In 1998 I published "Past Imperfect" that explored dealing with the past in Northern Ireland, I have continued to work in this area. I have published numerous pieces, made a range of submissions to government, run seminars and events, and worked with Healing Through Remembering on the issue. I regularly update Since the online Dealing with the Past in Northern Ireland: Resources. To explore all my posts on this ongoing project