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Hamber, B. (2016, 7 November). Can peace in Northern Ireland be model for Colombia? Irish News [ Read Online]
Hamber, B. (2013, 6 December). Mandela legacy for Northern Ireland. Slugger O'Toole.[ Read Online]
Hamber, B. (2013, 18 April). Why it's a negative peace while we remain divided. The Belfast Telegraph.[ Read Online]
Hamber, B. (2006, 20 March). Obituary: Duma Kumalo. The Guardian.[ Read Online]
Hamber, B. (2006, 14 March). Getting to the truth through talking. Daily Ireland. [ Read Online]
Hamber, B. (2005, 28 September). Let's forge alliances with US liberals and progressives. Irish Times. [ Read Online]
Hamber, B. (2002, 26 March). Project to help the North come to terms with the past. Irish Times. [ Read Online]
Hamber, B. (2000, 20 February). Official silence on reparations cheats the victims of past conflict of their rights. Sunday Independent. [ Read Online]
Hamber, B., & Dishington, B. (2000, 25 June). No justice in amnesty without reparations. Sunday Independent. [ Read Online]
Hamber, B., & Rasmussen, K. (1999, 29 October). Reparations debate must start anew. Business Day. [ Read Online]
Hamber, B., & Lewis, S. (1998, 1 March). Crime's worst horror is all in the mind. Sunday Times. [ Read Online]
Hamber, B. (1997, 24 March). When will South Africa tire of the voices of the past? Mail & Guardian. [ Read Online]
Simpson, G., Robertson, M., & Hamber, B. (1997, 23 January). Rape a Symptom of Transitional Turmoil. The Star. [ Read Online]
Hamber, B. (1996, 3 May). Will Reconciliation Follow Disclosure? New Nation. [ Read Online]
Rodwell, B., & Hamber, B. (1996, 24 May). Picking Up the Pieces: The Amnesty Committee Has an Uphill Battle. New Nation. [ Read Online]

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