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Research Initiative on the Resolution of Ethnic Conflict (RIREC)

The Research Initiative for the Resolution of Ethnic Conflict (RIREC) examined post-accord peacebuilding and the difficult but pressing questions of how to create a sustainable, just peace after a period of protracted conflict. The project brought together an interdisciplinary team of scholars and practitioners working around three research themes: violence, youth/the next generation, and truth telling and peacebuilding. At the heart of the project was an effort to develop new theoretical lenses for comprehending the nuances of post-accord peacebuilding, which will integrate conflict management and conflict transformation concerns, techniques and methodologies. The project tested these lenses against cases and developed relevant policy recommendations. The project hypothesized that any peace process is doomed to failure if it lacks a realistic strategy to reduce levels of violence and counter violence-legitimating myths and memories, skirts the hard political, legal and cultural choices that attend the nurture of genuine reconciliation and a peaceful civil society, or fails to recognize and accommodate the central role of youth. Each of the research clusters produced a published book which summarized and synthesized the findings. Brandon Hamber contributed to the book entitled

The above information is taken from the RIREC Wesbite to get the full information, click here.

Hamber, B. (2006). "Nunca Más" and the Politics of Person: Can truth telling prevent the recurrence of violence? In T. A. Borer (Ed.), Telling the Truths: Truth Telling and Peace Building in Post-Conflict Societies (pp. 207-230). Indiana: Notre Dame Press.

Research Initiative on the Resolution of Ethnic Conflict
Joan B. Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies (Notre Dame)

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