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The Healing Through Remembering Project

The Healing Through Remembering Project has its roots in two visits to Northern Ireland by Dr Alex Boraine of the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission in February 1999 and March 2000. These discussions, organised by Victim Support Northern Ireland and NIACRO, culminated in a report entitled All Truth is Bitter, which explores the issue of truth-telling in countries in transition and the potential for such a process to deal with those affected by the conflict in Northern Ireland. However, whilst discussions with Dr Boraine during both visits were wide ranging the need for more extensive and exhaustive discussion and debate was identified. To do this the Healing Through Remembering Project was launched in December 2000. The Healing Through Remembering Project undertook a range of in-depth discussions with organisations, communities, politicians and individuals on the issues of truth-telling and healing. These discussions led to the identification and documentation of different mechanisms and viable options for truth recovery in Northern Ireland conflict. Brandon Hamber is employed as a facilitator to the project with the role of undertaking the independent consultations and discussions for the project and assisting the project team to achieve its goals. He also assisted the Project Board with drafting the Final Report, which was launched in June 2002. Thereafter he continued to work as a facilitator and strategic advisor to the project until 2007. The project has continued to develop and has produced a range of options and materials on how the past can be dealt with in relation to the conflict in and about Northern Ireland. Currently Brandon Hamber is the Chair of the Healing Through Remembering Board.

Project Website (External Link)

Healing Through Remembering Project (FINAL REPORT), June 2002
Project to help the North come to terms with the past by B. Hamber in Irish Times, 26 March, 2002

Healing Through Remembering Project

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