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Northern Ireland in Transition: Victim Policy for a New Era

This project, done in association with Democratic Dialogue and running from 2001 to 2004, aimed to promote, within a rooted understanding of international best practice and trends, a culture of reflective and strategic debate, policy-making and practice with regard to victim issues in Northern Ireland, which is currently bedevilled by particularistic and partisan motives. It was hoped that by injecting new perspectives and research into the so-called victim debate in Northern Ireland practical and dynamic movement on the issue can be fostered. Liaison and interaction between groups, policy-makers and politicians was promoted and facilitated by the project. Brandon Hamber, through Democratic Dialogue, undertake a range of activities during the course of the project, including a series of roundtable discussions, capacity building workshops and the publication of strategic policy orientated reports.

Online Chronology of "Victim" Related Policy Issues in Northern Ireland
Future Policies for the Past edited by B. Hamber, D. Kulle & R. Wilson, 2001
Recognition & Reckoning: The way forward on victim issues edited by B. Hamber & R. A. Wilson, 2003 ( Acrobat, What's Acrobat?)

Democratic Dialogue "Victim" Policy Project
Northern Ireland Office Victims' Liaison Unit
Victims Unit in the Office of the First and Deputy First Minister (Northern Ireland)

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