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Evaluation of the Core Funding Scheme for Victims'/Survivors' Groups
Since January 2000, the Northern Ireland Voluntary Trust (NIVT) has administered 3.1 million of funding to the 'Core Funding for Victims of Violence Programme' on behalf of the Victims' Liaison Unit (VLU). The objective of the Core Funding Programme was to provide two-year core grants to groups that are either composed of victims/survivors and their carers or working in direct support of victims/survivors of political violence in Northern Ireland. Under the scheme, NIVT has funded 41 groups with core grants and 28 groups with seed grants. In April 2001, VLU put out a tender to evaluate the Core Funding for Victims of Violence Programme. The Clio Evaluation Consortium - a consortium of independent consultants David Becker (Germany), Dominic Bryan, Brandon Hamber, Cathie McKimm, Alex Tennant and Sue Williams - was awarded this tender at the end of May 2001, and over the next nine months conducted research, culminating in a large evaluation report published in April 2002. This report will be of interest to those interested in the evaluation of psychosocial programmes and support work to victims of political conflict.

Evaluation of Core Funding Programme to Victims' Groups by Clio Evaluation Consortium, 2002 (Ms Word)

Northern Ireland Voluntary Trust (NIVT)
Northern Ireland Office Victims' Liaison Unit
Victims Unit in the Office of the First and Deputy First Minister (Northern Ireland)

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