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From 2001 to 2007, Brandon Hamber directed Action and Research International an independent consulting service offering a range of services in the conflict transformation area. A range of specialised services were offered, and details of past and present consulting projects is available here.

Consulting services are still offered through INCORE and Ulster University.

The following services and specialised skills are offered:

Clinical and facilitation expertise, as well as training, in the area of trauma, conflict management, psychosocial support for victims of violence and victim-empowerment. Specialist skills on the management and development of victim support groups internationally.
Research expertise in the areas of political transition, violence prevention, reconciliation, psychosocial support for victims of violence, community psychology and psychiatric services, memorialisation, and peace process in South Africa, reparations and compensation schemes for victims of violence, Northern Ireland and other international comparisons. Overall expertise in research management, methodology and implementation.
Research and policy expertise on transitional justice, including the workings and evaluation of the truth commissions, as well as the feasibility of such process in other countries in transition. Specialised skills on victim support services and trauma management in the transitional justice context.
Organisational development, strategic planning and project evaluation
Advise on policital strategy, as well as assistance with project management and implementation
List of consultancy projects
List of consultancy clients


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