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Hamber, B. & Verwoerd, W. (2005). Reconciliation. Workshop with the students on the Diploma in Peace-Building and Community Development Practice at the National University of Galway, Glencree, Republic of Ireland, 13-14 January 2005.
Hamber, B. (2005). Dealing with the Past: Lessons from South Africa and . Lectures to MA Students of the Post-War Reconstruction and Development Unit, York University, UK, 3 February 2005 [ Information on the MA in Post-war Recovery Studies]
Becker, D. & Hamber, B. (2005). Reconstruction after Conflict and War, Professional Development Course, Part I to be run by David Becker and Brandon Hamber, Office of Psychosocial Issues, Lusty Beg, Northern Ireland, 21-23 February [ Download Information on the Course]
Hamber, B. (2005). The dilemma's of reparations: In search of a process-driven approach. Paper presented at Reparation for victims of gross and systematic human rights violations, Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium which, Brussels, Belgium, 25 February 2005
Hamber, B. (2005). Evidence to the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee. Reconciliation: Ways of dealing with Northern Ireland’s Past. London: Northern Ireland Affairs Committee, 28 February 2005 [Download Submission from Brandon Hamber].

Hamber, B. (2005). Peacebuilding and Technology. Lectures to the Digitial Diversity Students. Dundalk Institute of Technology, 3 March 2005[ Information on the Digital Diversity Programme].
Hamber, B. (2005). Lessons from the South Africa truth and reconciliation process for Northern Ireland. Paper presented at the Healing Through Remembering: Dealing with the past Corrymeela Conference, St Ethelburga's Centre for Reconciliation and Peace, Bishopsgate, London, 12 March 2005
Hamber, B. (2005). Psychologizing the Nation: Truth and Reconciliation in Northern Ireland and South Africa. Pubic lecture at the Relational Track of the NYU Post Doctoral Program, NYU, New York. 18 March
Hamber, B. (2005). Dealing with the Past in Northern Ireland: A response. Paper presented at the Colloquium on Telling the Truth in Northern Ireland, Trinity College, Dublin, 13 April.
Hamber, B. (2005). Beyond Co-existence. Paper presented at the The Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict Research Group, Eleventh International Conference, Windermere Manor Conference Centre, The University of Western Ontario, Canada, 14-15 May 2005 [ Conference Information]
Hamber, B. (2005). Forgiveness, Workshop after the Film entitled Forgiveness shown by Zero21. Belfast, Northern Ireland, 4 June 2005.
Hamber, B. & Kelly, G. (2005). A Working Definition of Reconciliation. Presentation of research findings. Community Relations Council, Belfast, 22 June 2005.
Becker, D. & Hamber, B. (2005).Reconstruction after Conflict and War, Professional Development Course, Part II to be run by David Becker and Brandon Hamber, Office of Psychosocial Issues. Barcelona, Spain, 27 June - 1 July [ Download Information on the Course]
Hamber, B. (2005). Dealing with Ambivalences in Conflict Resolution. Paper presented at the Remembering, Repeating and Working Through Psychoanalytic Perspectives on the Enduring Psychological Impact of the Troubles, Malone House, Barnett's Demesne Belfast, 11 November.
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