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Hamber, B. (2002). Maximizing Our Contribution to Building Peace and Reconciliation. Keynote address, Standing Community Convention, Armagh City Hotel, Northern Ireland, 16 December 2002 [ Download Paper Ms-Word]
Hamber, B. (2002). Dealing with the past in Northern Ireland: The work of the Healing Through Remembering Project. Lecture to the M.Phil Reconciliation Students, Irish School of Ecumenics, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 3 December 2002 [ Information on the M.Phil in Reconciliation Studies]
Hamber, B. (2002). A psychosocial evaluation of the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Lecture to Psychology Department Seminar, Queen's University, Belfast, 3 December 2002
Hamber, B. (2002). Dealing with the Past: Drawing a line or searching for the truth? Paper presented at the Human Rights and Community Relations Round Table Conference, Duncairn Gardens, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 26 November 2002
Hamber, B. (2002). Evaluating the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission and Lessons from Abroad. Talk to the Post-Conflict Building Seminar, Zebra Country Lodge, South Africa, 11-29 November 2002
Hamber, B. (2002). Are Lessons Transferable? Paper presented at the Empirical Research Methodologies of Transitional Justice Mechanisms Conference, Stellenbosch, South Africa, 18-20 November 2002 [ Download Conference Paper Ms-Word]
Hamber, B. (2002). Justice and Healing. Talk to students, Institute of Irish Studies, Queen's University, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 7 November 2002
Hamber, B. (2002). Discourses of Truth, Trauma and Reconciliation in Post-Conflict Societies: psychologising the nation. Public lecture, London School of Economics, London, UK, 31 October 2002 [ Information on the Lecture]
Hamber, B. (2002). Dealing with the Past: Lessons from South Africa. Lectures to MA Students of the Post-War Reconstruction and Development Unit, York University, UK, 30 October 2002 [ Information on the MA in Post-war Recovery Studies]
Hamber, B. (2002). Truth telling, Justice and the Politics of Rights. Working paper presented at Research Initiative for the Resolution of Ethnic Conflict Project Workshop, Joan B. Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, University of Notre Dame, USA, 26-28 September 2002 [ Information on the Research Initiative on the Resolution of Ethnic Conflict Project]
Hamber, B. (2002). Understanding Trauma and its relevance to Dealing with the Past. Talk to the International Centre for Transition Justice, New York, 27 August 2002
Hamber, B. (2002). Intergroup forgiveness in settings of ethnic conflict - international perspectives. Discussant at Society for the Study of Peace, Conflict and Violence Symposium, American Psychological Association Convention, Chicago, 22-25 August 2002
Hamber, B. (2002). Trauma and Dealing with the Past. Workshop at the 23rd War Resister's International Conference, DCU, Dublin Ireland, 3-9 August 2002 [ Read Conference Report Online]
Hamber, B. (2002). Trauma work in crisis regions: developing and assessing quality. Paper presented at the International Trauma Research Net Conference on Individual and collective trauma - reality, myth, metaphor? Wiesbaden-Naurod, Germany, 28-30 June 2002 [ Conference Website and Papers]
Hamber, B. (2002). Community Effects of Transgenerational Trauma. Paper presented to the Wave Conference on Transgenerational Trauma, Broomhill Hotel, Derry, Northern Ireland, 19 June 2002
Hamber, B. (2002). Community Effects of Transgenerational Trauma. Paper presented to the Wave Conference on Transgenerational Trauma, Armagh City Hotel, Armagh, Northern Ireland, 18 June 2002
Hamber, B. & Becker, D. (2002). Post-Conflict Situations - Dealing with the Past. Week long course on the INCORE Summer School, INCORE, Derry/Londonderry, 10-15 June 2002 [ Information on INCORE Summer School]
Hamber, B. (2002). Reconciliation: Thoughts on South Africa and Northern Ireland. Talk to the Christian Fellowship Church's Bridges Forum, East Belfast, 26 May 2002
Hamber, B. (2002). Truth, Justice and Reconciliation? Do Truth Processes Heal? Talk to the Do We Need a Truth Commission Seminar, The Minor Hall, University of Ulster, Magee, Derry, 20 May 2002
Hamber, B. (2002). Dealing with Past: Case of South Africa. Lecture to students at the School of African and Oriental Studies, London School of Economics, 16 January 2002
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