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Hamber, B. (1999). Trauma and the Truth Commission, Paper presented at the Traumatic Stress In South Africa - Working Towards Solutions Conference, Parktonian Hotel, Johannesburg, South Africa (27-29 January 1999)
Hamber, B. (1999). Reality & Perception: Harnessing potentials within in a culture of violence, Talk to Businessmen, Hebrew Order of David Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa (4 May 1999)
Hamber, B. (1999). Contextualising Violence in South Africa, Talk to the Trauma Clinic Volunteers, Foundation for Global Dialogue, Braamfontein Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa (22 June 1999)
Hamber, B. (1999). Past Imperfect: Strategies for dealing with past political violence in Northern Ireland, South Africa and countries in transition, Paper presented at the Fourth International Conference of the Ethnic Studies Network, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia (8-11 June 1999) [ Download Conference Paper Ms-Word]
Hamber, B. (1999). Psychologising the truth, Paper presented at the Commissioning the Past Conference at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa (11-14 June 1999)
Hamber, B. (1999). The Challenge of Embedding Peace, Paper presented at the Community and Governance in Times of Transition Conference, Northern Ireland Voluntary Trust, Belfast, Northern Ireland (9-10 December 1999)
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